Unearthing Wartime Memories – A review of “Across the Winding River” by Aimie K. Runyon

I am awestruck with the writing talent exhibited by author Aimie K. Runyon in “Across the Winding River”. I was also duly impressed after reading “Daughters of the Night Sky” but this book had to have been exponentially more difficult to research and write due to the triple POV, timelines and protagonists. Runyon is a gifted storyteller.

As a synopsis is readily available elsewhere I’ll dispense with reinventing the wheel and tell you instead what I loved about this work. Notice, there’s no mention of what I didn’t like because such doesn’t exist.

The characters shine with their faults and frailties on display, which only makes them more real and believable. Runyon gives us the keys to their hearts and minds so we feel their joy as well as their pain, their courage as well as their fears. Following Max, Johanna and Beth through their respective timelines flows seamlessly.

I never once had to flip back to remind myself which era I was in. When it all comes together, the three protagonists get more than they ever hoped for and Beth, who is the driving force of this well told story, finds a piece of herself she didn’t realize was missing. When the timelines converge, it’s like the Hallelujah chorus – a thing of rare beauty. Five stars.

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