A Failure to Communicate – Review of “On My Knees” by Meredith Wild

A Bridge to Where?

Reviewing what I just read is sometimes easy peasy and other times I’d prefer to have my teeth filed. Yeah, that does sound extreme but “On My Knees” by Meredith Wild might be the one that fits between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Wild’s plot premise seems solid but she doesn’t give it enough time to fully develop

It seems the dual protagonists Maya Jacobs and Cameron Bridge were once madly in love so when he proposed marriage five years ago he was stunned when she turned him down flat. A simple No would’ve sufficed for most people but Cam had laid his soul bare, only to have it trampled by Maya’s refusal. So he walked away. For. Five. Years.

The emotional devastation to both parties was epic. Cameron was convinced that Maya returned his love equally but he was flummoxed at her refusal. Maya’s problem was a case of low self-esteem but it was a side of herself she’d kept well hidden from Cameron. She had put him on a pedestal, based primarily on his good looks so how could he possibly love her when her own mother hadn’t loved her enough to stay around? Only Maya had never told Cam about her mother. What we have here is a failure to communicate, as the saying goes.

As the plot progresses the lovers reunite, affirming their love is stronger than ever and it can survive anything, even Maya’s binge drinking problem. (Who knew?) This theory is tested and proved ad infinitum every time they hit the sheets, which is several times a day.

Seriously, the characters are both misguided and messed up. Cameron is controlling and judgmental and Maya has a self-destructive streak that is in serious need of psychological counseling. But author Wild decided Cameron could keep Maya from alcohol poisoning by simply never letting her out of his bed. Not likely but what a way to go. Three stars.

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