Jack Defines Justice: Kim Otto Still Doesn’t Get It – A review of “Licensed to Thrill 1-3” by Diane Capri

Trading on Reacher Fame?

In “Licensed to Thrill 1” author Diane Capri’s plot premise is flawed from its beginning, in the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series Thrillers Books 1 – 3, where it slowly unravels at the feet of her primary protagonist, FBI Agent Kim Otto and her new (one time only?) partner Carlos Gaspar. They’re given vague instructions by a shadowy “boss” in the storied FBI building that includes creating a file on Reacher. They’re to accomplish this feat sans the bureau’s help from its official resources. How? Maybe wave their magic wands to make them appear? Seems when Reacher officially separated from the U.S. Army sixteen years ago, he ceased to exist, at least on paper. Even his fingerprints had been scrubbed from his records.

Well. As all Reacher fans know, that’s his doing and his reason for it is simple. The army has guided his every move from birth to separation and now he no longer has to answer to anyone about his comings and goings and he treasures that freedom.

However, Otto and Gaspar know nothing of Reacher and what little of him is revealed throughout this three book series couldn’t fill a thimble. Since they begin with a flawed premise they waste a lot of time, energy and resources trying to make their “facts” fit and wind up with what amounts to a jigsaw puzzle with many missing pieces. None of which made much sense along the way. By the end, I was tired of them trying to make their flawed logic fit and sorely disappointed to catch no more than a quick glimpse of our beloved Reacher. IMHO, Diane Capri is simply trading on Lee Child’s success and not doing even that very well. Oh well. Lesson learned. Two stingy stars.

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