Too Short Story/Novella – A review of “Beneath a Texas Star” by Tori Scott

For reasons unknown “Beneath a Texas Star” has been residing on my iPad for a very long time so I decided to get it out of the TBR file and be done with it. I love westerns and a romantic western is a bonus so I dug in without realizing it’s a short story/novella

Nick Jackson is a three time PBR champion with a wanderlust. Raised in foster homes, he’s followed the rodeo circuit for his entire adult life and can’t imagine settling down in one place. Until he “comes home” to Morris Springs to participate in a rodeo clinic. There he meets Jean who’s a psychologist. She befriends him but there’s also a strong chemistry between them which creates a conflict of interest between her professional ethics and her personal behavior. Jean does some digging into Nick’s past and discovers he has family; a sister and her son and an older brother. But it’s not all hearts and flowers for Nick. He has to face his fears and find out why his mother abandoned him when he was three years old.

In Book four of the Lone Star Cowboys series, author Tori Scott tries valiantly to tie up all the loose ends by bringing together a large group of characters that were introduced earlier in the series. But there are so many it’s difficult to keep them all straight. Between that and Nick’s quest for the truth of his background the storyline gets somewhat involved and the problems are wrapped up neatly. Too neatly, too fast and too conveniently for my tastes but it does make for a neat little package. And the abrupt ending leaves skid marks on the page. Whoa! Three stars.

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