Romance Done Right – A review of “Hush, Puppy” by Roxanne St. Claire

Loved the “Top Gun” quotes

Roxanne St. Claire’s “Hush, Puppy” is my new fave in The Dogmothers Series. The characters have more depth, the plot premise fulfills all its promises and the delicate balance between actions and emotions carries through from beginning to end. Of course, five year old Destiny easily steals the story along with your heart.

She is precocious, sings like an angel, and stutters when she’s nervous, frightened or stressed but exhibits no sign of the stutter when she whispers or sings. Her mother, Summer Jackson is a third grade teacher in Florida and they came to Bitter Bark so she could look up an old acquaintance and apologize for how she ended their relationship. But then she met John Santorini and his puppy dog Mav (aka Maverick) on a park bench in Bushrod Square and her carefully laid plans went right out the window. They fluttered off. Then on. Off. On. Off. On. Just like a light summer breeze. We understand because we’ve been there, done that. Lessons learned.

Will John succeed in securing funding to startup his proposed new franchise plans? Will Summer and Destiny return to Florida or stay in Bitter Bark? So many questions and so little time. But take the time dear readers to sit back and relax with a ripping good HEA read and just enjoy the ride. Five stars.

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