Romance on the Cornish Coast – A review of “Bell of Eternity” by Martina Boone

Romance on the Cornish Coast

My first encounter with Martina Boone’s richly written “Bell of Eternity” will not be my last. Her complex and compelling plot kept me enthralled as did her descriptions of the rugged Cornwall coast. Add in a healthy dash of mystery and intrigue, mix well with characters that stir your soul, and you have the makings of a damned fine read.

Emma Larsen’s famous mother just died and as her sole caregiver, Emma is alternately feeling relieved and guilty. She feels at loose ends, not quite knowing what to do with her sudden freedom from what was often an overbearing and thankless burden. Following the reading of the will and then the funeral, her longtime friend, Treave Nancarrow proposes marriage but Emma isn’t in love with him. However he does convince her to accompany him on a two week trip to the ancient castle where he grew up with his two half brothers.

Emma is captivated by the Cornish coast with its storied past, ancient legends and mysteries and its rugged beauty. And then she meets Brando MacLaren. Who could resist a hottie Scot in a kilt who could cook for the gods? Their mutual attraction enrages Treave and he reacts by behaving like the truly spoiled, entitled man-child that Emma has never let herself see.

As events unfold we readers are captivated by characters we can believe in set in an area most of us will never visit but we get to see it through Boone’s eyes. Can Emma trust her heart to Brando or will she let self-doubt creep in and rob her of happiness before she’s had a chance to embrace it?

With all I loved about this book, Emma’s chase across rooftops lacked credibility, especially when done barefoot. That smacks too much of a Wonder Woman stunt rather than a woman who loves to bake and wants to start a catering business. That bit of divergence was jarring so I have to go with just four stars.

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Mystery, Intrigue and Romance

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