A Bayside Marathon? – A review of “Bayside Fantasies” by Melissa Foster

Drove Me to Endless Games of Solitaire

Fair Warning: This review may not be well received by Foster fans, of which I am one.

Book six of the Bayside Summers series is overlong, too wordy by far, and the dialogue is stilted and inauthentic. Our dual protagonists are Tegan Fine and Jett Masters who fall into insta-love/lust at a gas station cafe of all places. Their sexual chemistry is explosively passionate and apparently never sated. I’ll forego a plot synopsis as it’s already been provided many times over and get down to the nitty gritty.

Tegan is a Little Miss Sunshine of sweetness and a sassy mouth with a quirky way of tackling a problem. That’s an interesting combination on which to build a lead character and it works, up to a point until it’s simply unbelievable. Nothing gets her down and if circumstances dare try, she puts on her brave face and smiles and wise cracks her way through the problem.

And then there’s Jett the workaholic who puts me in mind of a mouse on a wheel that’s spinning constantly and smart as he is in business, he’s too dim to realize that he can control and/or stop the spinning anytime he chooses to rearrange his priorities. Oversimplified? Maybe but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Choosing to be too busy to have a personal life is a lifestyle choice and smacks of self-martyrdom. Spare me!

“Bayside Fantasies” could be shortened by 10-15 chapters and it would be a much more enjoyable read. As it was I slogged my way through just because I’m stubborn and try to avoid having to DNF a book if possible. I’ll admit to breaking away from the book many times to play endless games of Solitaire just to get me through this mind-numbing read. I have no quarrel with author Foster’s writing talent but this book is not one of her best. Three stars.

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