“A Highlander is Coming to Town” by Laura Trentham – Book three in the Highland Georgia series

Don’t Let the Christmas Theme Cover Fool You

A handsome guy in a kilt is a sight to stir a woman’s blood and Holt Pierson is no slouch in the legs department. Or tush either, truth be told. At least that’s Claire’s assessment. In “A Highlander is Coming to Town” Claire has been laying low in Highland Georgia after leaving a touring group in which she was singing. Finding herself stranded in Highland with no place to stay and no visible means of support, she takes a temporary job as caregiver to old Ms. Meadows who is mostly bedridden and a bit of a curmudgeon. Claire rides an old bicycle to run errands for herself and Ms. Meadows. After getting run off into a ditch by a carload of yahoos, Holt happens along and gives her and her mangled bike a ride home. He’s taken with her immediately but Claire is reticent and loathe to give up personal information and background. Yes, she’s hiding out. But from whom or what? Holt is determined to follow through on his desire for Claire as well as to gain her trust so she will be honest and open with him.. But what is the big secret she’s hiding?

Author Laura Trentham captures the essence of small town living where everyone knows not only their neighbors but everyone else in town too. The closeness, the nosiness that is a natural facet of that closeness, the community spirit and willingness to help a neighbor or friend in need are all a part of the fabric of small town living. Her characters are well rounded and authentic, flaws and all. Holt is the quintessential All-American good guy while Claire carries an aura of mystery with her. She purposefully dresses down so as to not call attention to herself, which to my mind, has the opposite effect. I especially liked the stages of Claire’s development as the story moved along although I felt that her reluctance to trust men in general was never fully explained or developed. And, while the ending is an HEA, it wasn’t the outcome I was expecting. And maybe that’s a good thing since it probably would’ve been too much of a cliche. Four stars.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own..

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