A Royal Duality – A review of “Enticing Liam” by Kristen Proby

Liam Doesn’t Need Much Enticement

Princess Eleanor and her hottie bodyguard Liam Cunningham have a thing for each other but he’s just the hired help and she’s a bloody princess. She’s weary of being pursued by eligible men whose only interest in her is her lineage and her title so she runs off to Montana for some peace and quiet. Since her personal bodyguard is on hiatus for family reasons, Liam takes on her security assignment himself, which he’s loathe to do because of his love/hate relationship with the princess. He thinks she’s a beautiful but silly, spoiled airhead. Ellie, on the other hand, lusts after Liam and convinces him to take her virginity and teach her about sex. And he reluctantly agrees. Say what? Okay, so no one told me this was a fairytale.

Liam is a former army Ranger who suffers quietly from PTSD and stoically goes about trying to do his job protecting Ellie while simultaneously furthering her sexual education. Ellie loves living in the small town of Cunningham Falls and seemingly takes on an entirely different personae. She can dispense with the snooty, stiff upper lip style of British society and pretend to be like the girl next door in Anytown, USA. And since this is a fairytale, the unlikely couple go about their business while making out like bunnies. But life steps in and Princess Eleanor is called back to England because her father, the King, is gravely ill. Liam, as head of her security of course, accompanies her. But seeing Ellie in her role as Princess is a shock to his system and he seriously doubts their ability to overcome the differences in lifestyles. He feels like the proverbial fish out of water and heads back to Montana. Can the unlikely couple reconcile their differences and find their HEA?

Unlikely plot aside, the two protagonists are well developed characters even though somewhat stereotypical. Liam is tortured by flashback nightmares reliving a firefight and comes across as the brooding tough guy who can’t keep his hands off his charge. Ellie’s character is more nuanced and more likable than Liam.

Summing it up, “Enticing Liam” is a light (200 pages) summer read with an ample serving of gratuitous sex and enough angst for two novels. Book two of Big Sky Royals simply didn’t do it for me but I’ve read and enjoyed several Kristen Proby books so I’ll chalk this one up as a ho-hum three stars and move on.

By the way, did no one tell K. Proby that the term “bloody” in British society is a curse word of the first magnitude and no princess worth her title would use it frequently and in public?

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