A Secret Once Revealed is No Longer a Secret – A review of “A Secret for a Secret” by Helena Hunting

Some Secrets Are Meant to be Kept

Sharing a secret assumes trust in the person to whom the secret is passed. And when the two people doing the sharing are total strangers, unlikely to ever meet again, the mantle of secrecy provides added protection. When NHL hockey player Ryan Kingston, aka King, and Queenie Masterson, who’s trying to “find
herself” meet in a bar, both are on the way to blind drunk oblivion. King is a buttoned up, inveterate rule follower whereas Queenie is impetuous and spontaneous, seemingly going whichever way the wind blows. At 24, she’s still trying to find her true path in life. They couldn’t be more opposite. The secrets they shared are a common bond so when King woke up with a killer hangover he was more than disappointed to find only a Post-it note and her panties but no way to contact her.

Several weeks later in a pre-season team meeting King again sees the elusive Queenie only to discover she’s the GM’s daughter. Oops! The fallout from their one-night stand could be problematic. But not for King. He wants to pursue their relationship. Even though their shared passion is off the charts in hotness, Queenie is concerned about her lack of independence and always having to fall back on her dad to bail her out but she’s adamant in her desire to continue what she and King have started. He makes her feel things as never before and she’s never had a more skilled and attentive bed partner. But can they have a future together with all the baggage she’s lugging around?

Helena Hunting’s writing is an enrichment to the romance genre. Her plots are riveting and unique, never formulaic, with complex characters that feel like old friends by the time you finish the story. “A Secret for a Secret” is the third book in the “All In” series and, in my opinion, the best so far and I loved both Books one and two. In this story we get up close and personal with the idea that some people are not fit for parenting and the damage they can inflict on a child’s self-image. Such was the case with Queenie’s mother. Juxtaposed with that is King’s rowdy, unruly and unconventional family. Turns out his mother is actually his sister. Nah! Ah! Ah! Ah! If you want that explained you’ll have to get your own copy of “A Secret for a Secret”. Five stars.

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