A Contemporary Romance With an Old-Fashioned Feel – A review of “Waiting for Nick” by Nora Roberts

Roberts Put the “R” in Romance

Nora Roberts is one of a select few authors who can successfully republish an almost 25 year old manuscript without updating particulars to make it fit today’s ethos and social mores; i.e. the acceptance of smoking in public spaces, the absence of swear words, save the occasional ‘damn’ or ‘hell’ and even some references to fashion and clothing. “Waiting for Nick” was first published in 1997 and its solid storyline has withstood the test of time.

In this 5th book of The Stanislaskis series, dual protagonists Frederica Kimball (Freddie) and Nick LeBeck are the quintessential good girl/reformed bad boy combo.

Freddie came to New York to make her mark in the world as a lyricist, specifically in partnership with Nick who is a successful songwriter looking for someone who can put words to his music. Freddie has to convince him they can have a successful collaboration. They’ve known each other since childhood and always had a brother/sister type relationship. But Freddie has secretly been in love with Nick since she was thirteen. With her Master Plan mentally mapped out, Freddie begins a planned assault to convince Nick to fall in love with her so they can find their HEA together. But taking the first step from a platonic relationship to a romantic one is full of pitfalls and rocky terrain. Can they successfully traverse it and find their way to each other without destroying a rare and beautiful friendship?

In my opinion, Nora Roberts put the ‘R’ in romance and this book has stood the test of time. Yes, the language style is somewhat dated but definitely in keeping with its original publication date (1997). And it’s refreshing to occasionally read a contemporary romance that has outlasted its expected shelf-life. Four stars.

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