Uncommon Courage – A review of “The Lieutenant’s Nurse” by Sara Ackerman

Courage and Grit Required

As a lover of military history the subject of Pearl Harbor has always held a particular fascination. When I visited Oahu, I made it a point to sit through the Navy’s informational video introduction to the background and history of Pearl Harbor and that fateful date of December 7, 1941. Taking the Navy launch out to the site of the sunken U.S.S. Arizona was one of the most moving experiences of my life. So “The Lieutenant’s Nurse” was a natural attraction for me.

Author Sara Ackerman captures the spirit of Hawaii in general and of Pearl specifically but where the book shines is in relaying the confusion, fear and disbelief of those who lived through it and dealt with its aftermath, as told through the eyes of Lt. Clark Spencer and Army Corps nurse Eva Cassidy who met at sea on the voyage to Hawaii aboard the SS Lurline. This historical romance weaves an aura of mystery around the infamous attack and the theories surrounding the questions of “who knew what and when did they know it”. As a naval intelligence officer, kKClark had foreknowledge of the event but was limited to vague warnings to Eva. Eva was trying to escape her past which limited her career opportunities because she was loathe to be discovered. Complicating things further, Eva had a boyfriend waiting for her in Honolulu. She had thought she was in love with him but what she felt for Clark was so much more. A love triangle with complications. As if the triangle itself wasn’t complication enough. But Eva had been trained to put aside her fears, screw up her courage and dive into the task at hand wherever she was needed.

I’ve set you up with what I think is reason enough to read “The Lieutenant’s Nurse” so, what are you waiting for? Five stars!

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