Undercover Op – A review of “A Covert Affair” by Kennedy L. Mitchell

SEALs in Action

The romantic suspense genre is a favorite of mine and if I’m permitted to add a sub-genre then it would have a Navy SEAL as the protagonist. I admire their team spirit and brotherhood mindset to do whatever it takes to successfully complete a mission. And all of that is evident in “A Covert Affair” but the storyline is littered with stale stereotypes and trite dialogue liberally soaked with the F word. I don’t object to its use per se especially since I use it from time to time but it shouldn’t be employed as a verbal crutch either.

Sr. Officer Gabe Wilcox is assigned to escort CIA agent Lucia Rizzo around the base in Coronado. She is working undercover as a reporter and her assignment is to find the mole who’s been sabotaging their ops. The brass is sure info is being leaked but haven’t been able to find the source of the leak. Agent Rizzo creates a stir because of her killer curves and her substantial bust-line. In Navy parlance, she has killer knockers. Most of the plot centers around the affair between Gabe and Lucia with their objective kind of pushed to the sidelines. There is a bit of action near the end but essentially this is a romance.

Author Kennedy L. Mitchell needs a good copy editor who is responsible for spotting typos before going to print and maybe a refresher course in verb and subject agreement. Typos and basic grammar faux pas can be avoided by a proof reader who knows the difference between “wary” and “weary” as one example. Those are careless mistakes that reflect negatively on the writer. The storyline is adequate but the execution leaves much to be desired. Three stars.

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