There’s No Statute of Limitations on Murder – A review of “Night Moves” by Nora Roberts

Vintage Roberts

Maggie Fitzgerald wanted solitude and to get away from the rat-race of L.A. As a well-known songwriter she also wanted the anonymity of moving to a small town to live on her own. She bought a “fixer upper” situated on several acres. Realizing the landscaping needs were beyond her capabilities she hired Cliff Delaney who’d come highly recommended, to dig a pond and create his magic by enhancing the naturalized landscape. Because of his ill-conceived notions, he took an instant dislike to Maggie and they formed a tenuous working relationship. But bubbling barely below the surface was a sexual tension that was white hot and not long to be denied.

During the course of the landscaping work, Maggie’s dog dug up some bones – ten year old human bones and the mystery surrounding those bones slowly began to unravel.

“Night Moves” is vintage Nora Roberts, originally published in 1985 but it’s one I’d never read. Her earlier style is very different from today’s, especially the dialogue, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters are complex and compelling and the tension and suspense surrounding the ten year old murder kept me on the edge of my seat. And isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Because of some earlier foreshadowing that was a bit too revealing I’m going with four stars instead of five.

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