Be Careful What You Wish For – A review of “What a Scot Wants” by Amalie Howard & Angie Morgan

Rarely do I reread a book and this reread was purely accidental as my first read of “What a Scot Wants” was prior to my judicious use of the Goodreads app. As I settled in with it I decided to forge ahead anyway.

The main characters Ronan and Imogen were contracted by their parents to marry, but neither are happy about it. They set out to thwart the expected nuptials, some of which is funny and some just absurd. But of course there’s a strong mutual physical attraction with many outside forces working against their union. It goes on a bit overlong, especially the epilogue.

The writing style is too wordy for my tastes. The authors; Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan would do well to use a good copy editor who will pare down the numerous throw away phrases and unnecessary verbiage that actually detracts from the dialogue. Why use ten words when three will say the same thing?

All in all, a cute romantic historical tale. Three stars.

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Cute Scottish Historical Tale

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