More Love in Harmony Pointe – a review of “This is Love” by Melissa Foster

Book 2 of Melissa Foster’s Harmony Pointe series is a sweet romantic intrigue with a deep enough plot to keep this reader on the edge of her seat flipping pages to see what happens next. The dual protagonists are A-list actress Remi Divine and her burly but devastatingly handsome bodyguard Mason Swift. It seems Remi has a bad habit of slipping away from the bodyguards her overprotective brother hires so Mason, as head of his protective agency, takes over the detail, especially since a stalker threat has re-emerged. There are some cat and mouse shenanigans between them so Mason decides the only way to keep his charge in check is to move in with her (separate bedrooms of course). He thinks she’s a spoiled diva and she thinks he’s an arrogant a**hole but like magnets, opposites attract. Remi continues to receive threatening but cryptic notes which ramps the tension even higher. Can Mason protect Remi and does she risk losing him when her stalker decides to go after Mason to hurt her?

“This is Love” has plenty of romance and suspense, the character development is adequate with some back story but what I really enjoy is the flawed but believable characters. Too perfect characters who never put a foot down wrong are a turnoff for me. It’s completely unrealistic and to expect your readers to go along with the myth is like pie in the sky. If I want fairy tales I’ll read the Grimm’s Brothers. Four stars.

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