DNF – Couldn’t get invested in the characters – A review of “Marriage Games” by C.D. Reiss

I dislike having to DNF a book but when I’m at the 57% Read mark and I couldn’t care less what happens to the characters, it’s time to pack it in. And it’s unfair to the author to be forced to put a rating on a book you haven’t finished reading, but Goodreads requires a rating for a review. (I wish they would rethink that policy.)

Doms and Subs

So here goes. I’ve read a number of CD Reiss’ books and have always given them favorable reviews but I couldn’t gather any empathy for the characters and the plot wasn’t holding my attention. The characters had been married five years when the wife says she wants a divorce. Adam demands a 30 day hiatus which they’ll spend at a remote cottage and she’s to “obey” his every command. Seems he’s a closet Dominant in the world of Doms and Subs (Submissives) and she’s a Sub at heart but he never recognized it and she’s totally unaware of the whole scene. Could be/should be interesting but not to me and this is not my first trip into the world of Doms and Subs, reading-wise that is. I don’t know, but it was just dragging for me. Anytime it takes me 8 days to read a little more than half of a book that has fewer than 300 pages, something’s not working. So rather than beat a dead horse, I’m calling it three stars at 57%.

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