Sometimes the Second Time Around is Better – A review of “Never Have I Ever” by Lauren Blakely

Pair up a starry-eyed wedding planner with a tiger shark of a divorce attorney who’s also a single dad with two precocious but adorable children and you’ve got the makings for a sizzling second chance romance. Complicating things further, their offices are next door to each other and he likes to make bets on how long (or short) each marriage will be. Zach and Piper may start out as frenemies but once they start collaborating on the upcoming wedding of mutual friends, all bets are off. And cooperate they must since Zach is Best Man and Piper is wedding planner AND Maid of Honor.

“Never Have I Ever” is a light-hearted romantic comedy with some witty banter, fully fleshed out characters and some steamy bedroom scenes. The two children add dimension to the story and Zach’s interactions with them are a huge part of his attraction to Piper. (You really can tell a lot about a person by how they treat children and how they relate to them.) And so it is with Piper.

I always enjoy Lauren Blakely’s books because her characters are people I’d like to know and her stories have some meat in them. Equally as important to this reader is the caliber of her writing. It’s not merely syntactically correct. It delivers her message with a style and brevity of prose that is the mark of an excellent writer. There are no fluffy filler sentences whose only purpose is to up the word count. Every word in every sentence is necessary to tell the story. That is no mean feat. Five stars.

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Never Say Never

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