Existential Frenemies to Lovers? A review of “Iron Crowne” by CD Reiss

Dom-Sub Elements

CD Reiss’ “Iron Crowne” kinda’ threw me for a loop. Developer Byron Crowne and attorney Olivia Monroe are on a collision course, barreling toward mutual destruction unless they can come to terms on the piece of land he wants to build on. Olivia believes it would be an environmental mistake and is prepared to do whatever it takes to stop him. But she didn’t count on the magnet-like pull of his very presence. And Byron is intrigued by her dogged determination and stirred by her physical presence. They quickly find themselves violating all kinds of professional ethics and norms and the chemistry between them is volatile.

“Iron Crowne” at times seems a bit over the top, especially with the sometimes windy philosophical discussions between the two protagonists. But one could argue it’s balanced out by the no-holds-barred sex scenes. I generally don’t have a problem with steamy sex but I find the “C” word especially distasteful and it got more than a little use. And there is a definite dom-sub element to the relationship between Byron and Olivia that leaves me kinda’ twitchy. That said, it’s a compelling read, just not one I’d recommend for the faint of heart. Four stars.

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