Superwoman Addison and Caveman Caine

“Every Night Without You” is the continuation of Caine and Addison’s story in the Unfinished Love duet. It picks up seven years after Addison decided unilaterally that it would be better for her, Tanner and Kylie to leave Caine than to put him in a position of having to lie for her. This only confirms my reason for calling her Saint Addison, as done in my previous review of book 1. Only I’ve now decided that St. Addison should be referred to as Superwoman Addison. In this book she’s graduated from mere saintly behavior to actually running and managing a large halfway house type setup for the homeless. The home includes classes, daycare, community gardens with sustainable farming practices and so much more. Honestly, the woman’s a veritable whirlwind.

Seriously, book 2 is too long. It goes on and on and on about much of nothing. Caine and his brothers are still hunting for the sicko that’s been after Addison and we’re “treated” to Caine finally taking Addison to bed. By the way, the 25 year old virgin concept is hardly believable, but whatever. And the quest for the bad guy is anticlimactic.

My original comments about author Dukes writing must stand. Her syntax needs work, and someone should pay better attention to homonym mixups. My previous criticism of the redundant phrasing and fluffy writing also still stands. These are things an astute writer should be scrupulous about. Barring that, a good copy editor is needed. It was a decent plot that got bogged down in too much minutiae. Three stars.

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