Move Over for Saint Addison

Move over Mother Teresa and make way for Saint Addison. Heresy you say? Maybe, except I think you can easily see the sarcasm dripping off the page. Addison is all things good: selfless, kind hearted, a model employee, an exemplary role model for her younger siblings who she’s been “mothering practically their whole lives and everyone loves her – customers, boss, co-workers, and especially Caine the policeman that hangs around for hours at the counter drinking really bad coffee just so he has an excuse to spend some time with her. And the crowning touch is the bizarro scheme she’s devised to keep everyone who knows them in the dark about the fact the three of them have been sleeping in her old van because they’re temporarily homeless. Now I know homelessness is a serious societal issue so I’m not making light of it but you have to admit that the odds are squarely against them being able to maintain that charade and go undetected.

In “Before That Night” author Violet Duke has come up with a good storyline involving Caine and Addison. Her brother Tanner and sister Kylie are minor characters but their roles are a necessary part of the plot. And like their older sister, they’re model children, get good grades, would never think of hooking school or complaining about the lack of a tv or asking for clothes like their classmates wear. A parent’s dream for sure.

Just so you don’t think it’s too saccharine to be true, there is a bad guy. He’s stalking Addison and in brief, he’s a certifiable nutcase. His appearance in the story is a harbinger of major changes for all concerned. So good readers, brace yourself as this is book one of a duet. Ranting and raving is a waste of good energy so prepare to download book two. The good news is, both books are FREE to Kindle Unlimited members.

As an aside, author Duke’s bio says she was formerly a Professor of English Education and my response is well! I’m guessing she has at least a masters degree which should’ve made her a better than average writer of correct syntax, etc. But her incessant use of redundant phrases, especially “the reason why” and dangling participles, began to grate on my nerves. Some people will argue that “the reason why” is perfectly acceptable but I point out that the “reason” is the “why”. In the question “WHY did you do that?” one is asking for the “reason”. So its my opinion that THE REASON WHY is a redundant phrase that should be banished from our lexicon.

Due to the above comments and “Before That Night” being a slow starter, my rating is three and a half stars. That said, I’ve already downloaded book two of the “Unfinished Love” duet, “Every Night Without You” Just sayin’.

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