The Road is Rarely Straight and Smooth – A review of “A Curve in the Road” by Julianne MacLean

Life’s Roads are Never Easy or Straight

Dr. Abbie McIntyre thinks she is living the dream – a distinguished medical career, a loving husband who is a renowned cardiologist, their son Zack who is a model for the perfect teenager who plays sports and makes good grades, and their beautiful home in Nova Scotia. Then on a foggy night her dream is shattered when a drunk driver plows into her car, putting her in the hospital and turning her perfect world upside down and inside out. Even though her injuries aren’t serious, her recovery is marred by the revelation of secrets she would’ve been happier to have never discovered. Soon she begins to question every aspect of her life and her recurring nightmares continue to plague her long after the accident.

“A Curve in the Road” by Julianne MacLean is an emotional story of a woman trying to survive when her world is upended and almost everything in her life that she thought was good has turned sour. Abbie goes through immense emotional loss and the accompanying grief, magnified ten times over by the betrayal she is also experiencing. Her deep connection to Winston, the family’s Golden Retriever who was also injured in the collision, helps her keep things in perspective and the veterinarian who treated Winston offers Abbie a steadying friendship during the entire ordeal.

The character development is excellent. We’re given sufficient background information on the primary characters to understand their motives, actions and reactions. There’s plenty of tension as the story unfolds and secrets are revealed. The plot held my attention from beginning to end and I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough. An added bonus for this reader is the excellent writing. I like MacLean’s style. It’s clear and concise with no fluff. I truly appreciate a writer who knows how and when to be spare with the prose without being chintzy with emotion. Five stars.

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