Dirty Talk in Letter Form – a review of “Dirty Letters” by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Imagine this: Grade school pen pals, Luca and Griff never expected or intended to meet but, over the course of many years, eventually found themselves in each other’s company. Although the letters started out innocently enough, as they grew up their personalities emerged, as did their sexual appetites and over time they each gave voice to their shared desires. But long distance relationships rarely work and this duo was no different in that respect. So they set out to find a way to make it work including the complications caused by Luca’s agoraphobia and Griff’s notoriety as a rock star who lived on another continent. More knotty problems to be solved. Could their love survive the rigors and numerous complications they faced? The heart says yes but the head has a different set of answers, none of which are positive or even encouraging.

Sexy and pushes-all-your-romance buttons

“Dirty Letters” is funny, sad, uplifting, romantic, discouraging, and sexy. The tension caused by Luca’s phobias is palpable and at times all-consuming and the characters are so real they feel like old friends. You can’t help but fall in love with Griff but Luca either brings out your protective nature or totally exasperates you with her all-consuming sackful of fears. Those of us who have limited patience will fully experience the aforementioned exasperation. Can they blend their oh so different lifestyles and still be able to mitigate the complications that arise?

The Keeland/Ward writing team handles the issues revealed in this book with good taste and an astute sensitivity. However I would like to see the elimination of the stale “without a shadow of a doubt” phrase. Gah! You are better writers than those who depend on trite, unimaginative writing.

Note to whomever is sitting next to me, get your own copy of “Dirty Letters” and quit trying to read over my shoulder. Four stars.

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