My Favorite Dogmothers is “Three Dog Night” by Roxanne St. Claire

“Three Dog Night” is my hands down favorite of The Dogmothers books. Yes, I know there are only two in the series so far but it’s still the best of the two. I fell in love with Alex early on and following Grace through her metamorphosis from someone afraid to risk her emotions to a woman willing to offer up her heart was, well, heartwarming, if I’m permitted to be trite. And who could resist three adorable puppies? Better yet, why would you want to? The addition of a degenerate dognapper to the cast of characters, even if he was stereotyped, leans a bit of action and intrigue to the plot and gives it some depth.

Roxanne St. Claire is a talented writer and I always look forward to her new releases. Her romance novels and romantic thrillers are some of my favorites. She’s definitely one of the “go to” authors I can always depend on to deliver a really good read. Four stars.

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