Too Perfect for Words – A review of “As Long As I Have You” by Bella Andre

I really enjoy Bella Andre’s books so I was looking forward to the London Sullivans series. “As Long As I Have You” is Owen Sullivan and Mari Everett’s story. It’s the super sweet Boy Meets Girl entree with a heaping side of Insta-Love that will instantly clue in your dentist that you’ve been binge eating desserts. I’ll forego a synopsis and tell you what I liked, what I didn’t like, and why.

Sugary Goodness

The plot premise of Mari going to England to learn about the father who left when she was three has lots of promise, as does her determination to reopen and make a go of the disaster area that was his bookshop. That scenario is set up nicely as is the rapid fire meeting and insta-love between Mari and Owen. But the sweetness and perfection leave no room for any tension or suspense. Everything is absolutely perfect. Nothing. Goes. Wrong. Everyone on the island loves Mari. They all drop what they’re doing to help her get the bookshop ready for the grand opening. They don’t even encounter any snags in the renovation and anyone who’s ever done one knows how unrealistic that scenario is. I kept waiting for something to happen but one perfect encounter followed the next, ad infinitum until I nearly went into a sugar coma.

So, if you’re looking for a sure-fire sugary HEA with absolutely no drama, then this will fill that order. Fair warning though! Your dentist ain’t gonna’ be happy about what that sugar does to your teeth. Three and a half stars.

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