Shout It Out – A review of “Whisper Me This” by Kerry Anne King

Powerfully disturbing on several levels and still full of hope for the future and the resilience needed to endure what seems beyond one’s endurance. In “Whisper Me This” Kerry Anne King tackles some of society’s thornier issues like domestic violence, child and spousal abuse, dementia, and a dying patient’s right to refuse treatment. Yet the story isn’t bleak and unforgiving and that’s due in large part to the presence of twelve year old Elle who is delightfully precocious and entertaining in her own right. Her mother Maisey at first comes across as ditzy but she is very much a product of verbal abuse, having been convinced by her mother and by Elle’s father that she was never quite good enough and had failed to live up to their expectations.

The story is told through Maisey’s POV and by her deceased mother, Leah, in letters she wrote from her deathbed to her husband Walter. The dark secrets revealed in Leah’s letters completely change the family dynamics and you begin to see a different side of Maisey. Speaking of Maisey, what did the gods of dysfunction do with her “friend” Marley? Oh, that’s right. Maisey was punished for insisting she had an imaginary friend. So many dark secrets in this family.

You’ll experience the full gamut of emotions as you absorb this beautifully written novel. I’m an inveterate and merciless copy editor but as I turned the last page, I realized there is not one word I would change in “Whisper Me This”. Five stars.

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