One Shot and Out – A review of “One Shot” by Laurie Roma

I love a good thriller and would consider “One Shot” a romantic thriller. I’m fairly certain this is my first foray into the IAD Agency Series. This is not your average run of the mill novel. The characters are atypical – Tara, a strong female lead who is a stone-cold operative with the IAD agency and her sidekick

Mykala, who is a sniper for the same agency. Then there’s multimillionaire Julian who owns hotels all over the world and is in love with Tara and in awe of the work she does to keep the bad guys from taking over the world. The plot, thin as it is, involves the agency trying to stop one of the bad guys from contaminating the Las Vegas municipal water supply and recovering the missing. canister. The plot could’ve carried more of the imminent danger but was consigned to the role of an observer except for the passionate and sexually explicit love scenes between Tara and Julian. Those pretty much carry the story.

The writing is marred by many typos and dropped words as well as numerous instances of verb tense being in disagreement with the sentence subject. Any writer who passed high school English 101 would never let those errors stand. Throw in a few mixed metaphors, stir, and what you end up with is a mishmash. Now that self-publishing is a reality, previously unpublished writers should invest in a real copy editor, not just friends who fancy themselves as knowledgeable enough go to get the job done because they’re usually not, Island Three stars.

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