Pessimist or Optimist? A review of “Half Empty” by Catherine Bybeei

I’m not sure how I missed Book 2 in the First Wives series but I’m glad I corrected that error of omission. “Half Empty” is Trina and Wade’s story and from its inception, is filled with mystery and intrigue. As a member of the First Wives Club, Trina Petrov has never recovered from the guilt she felt for not caring enough about her husband Fedor to prevent his suicide. But meeting country music star Wade Thomas in Italy saved her from herself. Wade was nonplussed when Trina was unimpressed with his celebrity status or even knew who he was. He was accustomed to women falling at his feet and clamoring for his attention. But Wade was smitten and his persistence paid off in the long run. As their relationship grew Trina found out there was more to Fedor’s death than she realized and everyone she cared about was at risk. Including herself.

“Half Empty” is a romantic thriller and it delivers on both counts. The plot is intriguing and the characters are well developed, many of whom appear in other books in the series. The pacing kept me flipping pages fast enough to finish this book in one sitting. There were times I felt like there were too many characters to keep track of at one time. My other complaint involves author Bybee’s sentence structure. Specifically there are a few instances of the verb tenses not agreeing in compound sentences. It’s an elementary error I would not expect from an accomplished author of Bybee’s stature. Four stars.

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