The Big Ones Fall Hard – “After We Fall” by Melanie Harlow

I turned to “After We Fall” for some much needed lighter fare after two or three days of Lars Emmerich’s hard-core action/thriller “The Essential Sam Jameson Collection”. The blood ‘n guts gore was getting to me and I was *still* only at 23%. To preserve my sanity I was in need of some romance and Melanie Harlow delivered.

Margot and Jack are polar opposites. She’s Grosse Pointe Michigan “old money” in the PR business and he’s a Michigan dirt farmer with a wagonload of issues from PTSD to a self-imposed guilt trip that would drag even the hardiest soul into an endless abyss. Ever since Jack lost his young wife to a drunk driver he’s been the family’s curmudgeonly naysayer to everything his two brothers want to do to make their operation profitable. Meet Margot with her PR/Marketing plan to promote and feature the family farm as organically grown, sustainable agriculture. Even though Jack isn’t on board with the plan he manages to storm and stomp his way into Margot’s heart and she sees through his black moods and bluster. The sexual chemistry between them is blast-off level and they both succumb to it. Margot is a city girl through and through, with her own self-doubts, and the two lost souls find mutual comfort along with sexual satisfaction. It’s steamy hot, enough comedic dialogue to keep you chuckling, and some emotionally draining passages that will rip your heart open. Can the city girl who never gave a single thought to where her food came from find happiness with the grumpy farmer who’s the poster child for “Leave Me To My Misery”? You’ll have to

read the second-chance romance, “After We Fall” to find out. Four stars.

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