Romantic Memories – A review of “The Girl in the Painting” by Max Monroe

Imagine walking into an art show and seeing a larger than life painting of yourself in the exhibit. Only you never posed for it. You don’t know the artist who painted it. And your boyfriend (who’s a schmuck btw) starts acting all suspicious. Matter of fact, Indy not only knows nothing about art, she has no particular interest in it either. But that portrait is the star of the show. And questions about the model’s identity have the gallery buzzing.

Artist Ansel Bray’s first exhibit since regaining his sight four years ago is a huge success but, being his usual antisocial self, he has no interest in rubbing elbows with the well-heeled patrons filling the gallery. The excitement surrounding “The Girl in the Painting” is surpassed only by Ansel’s reaction when he finally lays eyes on his muse. That’s right. He’s never seen her before except in his dreams. All of the many paintings he’s done of her have been fed only by his dreams.

Max Monroe’s “The Girl in the Painting” is a love story with a mystery woven through it. I read another book with a similar storyline, not the same though, but that didn’t lessen my enjoyment in the least. A well written quick and easy romantic read. Four stars.

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