Too Hot to Handle – A review of “Handle With Care” by Helena Hunting

Looking for a sexy rom-com with a little heat that is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone? Look no further than Helena Hunting’s “Handle With Care”. Lincoln has spent most of his life avoiding his father and trying to do some good in the world, probably to make up for his materialistic family. But after his father’s death he agrees to a six month time frame as CEO to salvage Moorehead Media and the jobs of its employees. Wren Sterling is a highly paid PR consultant originally tasked with keeping Armstrong, Lincoln’s younger brother, out of trouble and out of the tabloids. No mean feat that and now she’s expected to ride herd on Lincoln as well and keep him from showing up at corporate functions in the worn out jeans and too small tee shirts he favors. Right from the start, the electricity arcing between them is undeniable. But their blissful interlude is rudely interrupted when Lincoln finds some skeletons in his father’s closet and a scandal threatens that will have far-reaching effects.

I loved the characters in this, even the hapless Armstrong. Smart, witty dialogue, a plot that will keep you engaged, great belly laughs and sexy love scenes that’ll have the wallpaper peeling off the walls from all the steam. I am a recent fan of Helena Hunting and this writer knows how to do rom-com right! My only negative is the too numerous dangling modifiers. Ms Hunting needs a good copy editor or an English 102 refresher course. Four stars.

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