Sparklingly Layered – A review of “A Fire Sparkling” by Julianne MacLean

In this WWII love story, one woman’s story unfolds like the countless layers of an onion. In “A Fire Sparkling” Gillian Gibbons is dealing with her own sense of betrayal when she finds old photos that reveal her grandmother’s history with a Nazi officer during the war. As Gillian uncovers the past, one layer at a time, she keeps peeling them back, not knowing what she’ll find, but she’s certain that there’s more to the story. With each reveal, another question is answered but with each answer, comes two more questions.

Told in a dual timeline between 1939 and 2011, this is a multigenerational family saga full of intrigue, untold bravery, love and heartbreak. It is rich with history and one woman’s struggle to survive losses that could break even the strongest of men.

Author Julianne MacLean portrays Gillian and her grandmother as women who, against all odds, eschew convention and follow the paths that are often cleared by their own hands. MacLean’s prose is powerful and concise enough to spirit you away and envelop you in the past. Any fan of WWII history and/or historical romance will fall in love with this story. Five stars.

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