1969: A Simpler Time? ARC Review of “Moon Water” by Pam Webber

If you’re old enough to remember 1969 you may recall reading of the devastation caused by Hurricane Camille and the flooding of biblical proportions that inundated an entire valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It is within this framework that “Moon Water” is set. It chronicles 16 year old Nettie’s struggles to choose wisely about decisions that will affect her entire future. To aid them in their rites of passage, Nettie and her best friend Win are tasked with scouting out and obtaining several natural materials needed to make their dream catchers. This trek tests their courage, faith, hope, commitment and strength. Along the way Nettie begins to find answers to some of her more puzzling life questions – questions she’s been struggling with, especially precepts that others blindly accepted. Her reputation for speaking her mind is well known. These questions lead to Nettie’s pastor refusing to baptize her. But then, this was 1969.

“Moon Water” is so much more than a trip down memory lane, but it does take us back to a simpler time, before cell phones and social media. This is a masterwork and deserves its own place among the classics. I approached this book with a ho-hum attitude that was quickly dispelled. You’ve all heard the mantra, “I couldn’t put it down,” I can testify that it’s true. Pam Webber’s writing is substance with style.

My thanks to She Writes Press for furnishing an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) for an honest and unpaid review. Publication date for “Moon Water” is August 20, 2019. and was named “Read of the Month” for September 2019 in the Southern Literary Review. Five stars.

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