A Pro Hockey Sizzler – “Playing for Keeps” by Kendall Ryan

Justin Brady and Elise Parrish can’t be romantically involved because he’s a hot jock pro hockey player and a player of women, which means he doesn’t do commitments and she has no intention of being called a “puck bunny”. Besides that, she’s the little sister of his best friend and like the rest of his teammates, he’s been warned by Owen Parrish that his sister is off limits. Problem is, the message was received by their heads but didn’t translate to their hearts.

“Playing for Keeps” is Kendall Ryan’s first book in the new Hot Jocks series and true to her inimitable style, she has delivered another sports sizzler full of romance, witty dialogue, and passion-filled bedroom scenes.

Some reviewers have dubbed it “soft porn” to which I can only say Puhleeeze! Yes, there are some fairly explicit sex scenes but nothing even approaching porn, soft or otherwise. Matter of fact, there’s nothing that should be shocking to anyone over the age of sixteen. More importantly, the content is authentic and necessary to the genre. Period. Full stop. So, if you find it too titillating, you might want to not venture too far afield of the YA genre.

As an aside, I’ve complained before about the brevity of KR’s novels and the cost/benefit ratio so I was delighted to see “Playing for Keeps” was +360 pages for the same price. However, book two “All the Way” is back to the barely-more-than-a-novella range (231 pages), so we’ll see how it goes. Four stars.

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