Does Love Conquer All? Is it “Meant To Be” by Melody Grace

What happens when you mix a hard-core romance cynic with a romance author? No, it’s not a trick question. Given the perfect blend of sexual chemistry with a set of shared values and aspirations, you have the basis for soulmates on the road to finding their HEA.

Poppy Somerville is a best-selling romance writer currently suffering from a severe case of writer’s block. She recently ended her engagement to Owen because, while she loved him, Poppy wasn’t “in love” with him. She’s staying at her aunt’s Cape Cod beach cottage because she needed to get away from everything and find her muse again.

Cooper Nicholson is a contractor who specializes in historical home restorations. He’s also a cynic when it comes to soulmates and finding your HEA. Cooper thinks that’s a load of BS. But he’s been stung before so his cynicism is well founded, or so he thinks.

Poppy is exhausted after taking the red-eye to Aunt Jane’s cottage and she just wants to sleep for a week. But Cooper is next door trying to wake the dead with his incessant hammering and sawing. Their confrontation gets the sparks flying from more than one source and eventually they agree to a truce. One thing leads to another and in a short time Cooper and Poppy are tearing up the sheets. But Cooper’s history gets in the way of the them finding their HEA. His cynical self suddenly becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and trouble comes calling on the happy couple.

“Meant To Be” is the first book in the Sweetbriar Cove series and if its a true representation of the quality of the series, then this reader is all in! I love the characters, even Cooper’s pigheaded attitude. The plot is engaging and the pacing is perfect. I almost finished it in one sitting but by 2:00 a.m. I could no longer stay awake, so I had to finish it this morning. After struggling through my previous read, this one was so much fun. It hit all the right notes for me. Four stars.

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