Everyone Wants a “Best Seller” by Susan May

It’s difficult to review a book that I didn’t particularly enjoy but I will give it my best effort. “Best Seller” is a well written novel told from the POV of the two protagonists. William Barnes is a former best-selling author who is now down on his luck, and Nem, aka Orelia Mason, a girl who witnessed her mother’s murder and later becomes an acclaimed romance writer.

Author Susan May is to be commended for her creativity with an original plot sufficiently twisted to even be called macabre. The dual POVs are seemingly unrelated for about half of the book, but the connection eventually emerges, and it all comes together.

My problem with this tale is neither character is very likable so it’s difficult to empathize or connect with either of them. Too much of the protagonists inner musings make up the 450+ pages. It goes on and on and on, often needlessly repeating. I kept checking to see how many pages were still to be read and I couldn’t get there fast enough. That said, I am compelled to give the devil his due and rate “Best Seller” at four stars.

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