Chick-Lit Rom-Com – “Making Up” by Helena Hunting

Since my last read was on the serious side I was ready for something lighter so I opted for chick-lit that is listed as a rom-com. “Making Up” is from A Shacking Up series by Helena Hunting and while it fits my “cute” definition, I can’t say I was laughing out loud.

Cosy is a college student working in a sex toy store. She’s beautiful (duh) and bright so she kinda’ tarts herself up in her attire to earn higher commissions. Griffin is buying gag gifts for a bachelor party and even though he’s embarrassed to be in a sex toy store, he’s impressed by Cosy. A couple weeks later he gets up the nerve to ask her out and although Cosy has decided she doesn’t date customers, she eventually gives in. She’s unconventional and refreshingly honest where Griffin couldn’t be much more traditional, but he’s obviously smitten with her. There’s a ten year spread in their ages – her 22 to his 32 but they overlook it for the moment and one thing leads to another. Ba da bing, ba da boom and they wind up spending most of their time in bed. The relationship is supposed to be short term due to his constant travel and her deep-seated desire to be footloose to travel wherever and whenever the notion strikes. So much for “best laid plans”.

The characters are entertaining but there are some bumps on the road to romance for this couple that introduce dramatic tension and add dimension to what would otherwise be endless bouts of bedroom scenes. The dialogue is snappy and witty and worthy of some chuckles. The pleasant surprise is the stellar writing; not just syntactically correct but concise and succinct with no evidence of any fluffy phrasing. Every word is necessary to tell the story. Hunting is a talented and gifted writer. I’m impressed and look forward to reading more of her work. Four and a half stars.

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