Blinding Melodrama of “Lies That Bind Us”

My intention was to get out of my head and lose my worries for a while in someone else’s troubles. A good romantic thriller would do just fine, or so I thought when I chose “Lies That Bind Us”. Ah well. What I got was melodrama on steroids that’s locked in a time warp. Author K.L. Clare delivers a borderline fairytale plot of Ellie who is living in the U.S. but is unknowingly a direct descendant of the British Crown. Really? Har de har har. And to top it off Will Hastings (who we’re supposed to believe is a descendant of William the Conquerer) is her sworn protector. Ellie is maddeningly over emotional with her over the top histrionics, crying buckets of tears, weepy and needy beyond all reason. And Will carries the domineering hero trope like a badge of honor. Problem is, the characters and their actions and attitudes don’t fit in a contemporary romantic thriller.

Making matters worse, the narrative and dialogue read like a rough draft throughout the first two-thirds of the book. It was disjointed and ping-ponged back and forth between subjects without continuity. I kept looking through just-read pages to see if I’d inadvertently skipped parts. Nope! I came very close to chucking it into the DNF stack but I fought the urge and finished it. I can’t remember the last time I rated a book this low, but you do what you’ve gotta’ do. I won’t be reading Book 2 of the Beautiful White Lies series though. Two stars.

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