Music Lovers Will Love “As Dust Dances” by Samantha Young

Skylar Finch is a contradiction in terms; a wildly successful pop artist/musician who despises the limelight. As the teen lead singer of a pop-rock band she suffers a devastating personal loss and leaves the band. Just drops out of sight with no explanation and no communication with anyone. Skylar backpacks through Europe and finds herself in Scotland sleeping in a cemetery at night and performing on the streets of Glasgow by day for “donations”. The Brits (and presumably the Scots) call it “busking”. Understand, Skylar is a wealthy young woman but she’s eschewed her riches and fame to pursue her music with no one to tell her what or when she can play or sing. As a talented songwriter, Skylar is happiest when she is singing her own songs but often acquiesces when the street crowds want to hear tunes they recognize. Many days her singing means the difference between drifting off to sleep on a full stomach or being kept awake by a belly grumbling from hunger pangs.

Skyscraper Records representative Killian O’Dea “discovers” the homeless Skylar on the streets of Glasgow and valiantly tries to sign her to a recording contract, but she wants no part of that life again. It literally makes her physically ill. But when she’s attacked at her campsite by some young street toughs and winds up in the hospital with a broken wrist and her beloved custom Taylor guitar stole, she has to reassess her lifestyle and career choices. Killian gives her safe shelter and time to heal and their relationship slowly develops as Skylar begins to trust him and she signs on the dotted line for a one album deal. But is her trust misplaced?

“As Dust Dances” is a love story but it’s not far off the mark to say it’s also a threesome. No, not like THAT but a threesome nonetheless. There’s the love between Skylar and Killian and the love between Skylar and her music and then there’s Killian’s need to succeed, which could be viewed as a kind of love. Although his struggle to succeed isn’t fueled by selfishness, his reasons aren’t altruistic either. He wants to prove his worth to the uncle who raised him and his sister and who is also head of Skyscraper Records.

“As Dust Dances” is beautifully written by Samantha Young and is the second book in the Play On series. Young’s character development is superb as is the plot development. The emotional depth of this story is a welcome surprise and there is angst to spare for sure, but it’s certainly not all gloom and doom. There are lighter moments as well. Speaking of sparing, author Young didn’t stint on the chemistry between our two protagonists. The steam rolls off the pair in waves that would rival a tsunami. I recommend you NOT read this book in a room with wallpaper or you’ll find yourself having to repaper the whole room. Steamy!

“As Dust Dances” will be released on August 7, 2019 so be sure to add this to your TBR list and reserve your copy now. Five stars.

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