Chillingly Machiavellian – A review of “Code of Conduct” by Brad Thor

Somehow “Code of Conduct” has been hiding on my iPad on the Read list but as I skimmed the synopsis I thought, “Hmm I don’t recall this plot.” So, I dug in. Whoa! This is an oversized serving of a dark, even dystopian plot to reduce the world population by millions in order to “save” the more worthy part of society and ensure the allocation of resources to meet their needs.

The diabolical plan is hatched by a secret society and of necessity requires intricate planning, massive amounts of financial resources, manipulation of the unwitting and minute timing. Of course control over a central world government to declare martial law and maintain “order” is essential to accomplish this master plan. This being a BT novel, our hero Scot Harvath is smack in the center of all the action, which begins in a remote African village, with its people savagely cut down and buried in a mass grave by an unknown band of mercenaries. Harvath’s job is to find out how it was done, who is responsible, and why. As people all over the world begin turning up at hospitals with a virulent form of hemorrhagic fever, Harvath has to get the people closest to him to safety and then set about finding answers.

The plot is chillingly Machiavellian and borderline believable due to the timing necessary for all the pieces to fall into place at just the right time. Be that as it may, from a writer’s perspective it had to be a monumental undertaking and I admire and appreciate that talent. As others have noted, Thor kinda’ got carried away with pontificating about evils and corruption in the U.N. as well as his views about geopolitics specifically and politics in general. I must admit this was the heaviest dose I’ve seen from his books (this being #15 out of what is now 19 books with “Backlash” just released June 25, 2019). As political thrillers are one of my favorite sub genres, Brad Thor remains on my list of Top Ten Best Authors. I don’t have to agree with all his politics to appreciate and admire his writing. And make no mistake, Brad Thor is a master craftsman. Four stars.

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