DNF – “Ring around the Rosey” by L.A. Fiore, Anthony Dwayne

I wish Goodreads would give we readers a format for commenting without a rating, at least for the DNF designation. I can see why they discourage the practice but sometimes a reader simply does not want to invest anymore time on a book they don’t consider worthy of the time it would take to finish it. So, I chose the middle of the road rating since either extreme is equally as inappropriate. Now, to “Ring around the Rosey”.

At the 40% mark I asked myself why I was still reading. I didn’t even like most of the characters and the constant bopping back and forth between generations and time frames was beyond annoying. Add to that the mysterious things going bump in the night and references to spouse-swapping and possibility of occult-like rites by the preceding generation just left a bad taste in my mouth. So I put it aside and read a couple other things. But I came back to this twice more and finally gave up at the 47% mark. It’s been years since I had a Required Reading list in college. My reading nowadays is strictly for pleasure. Even the occasional non-fiction titles I choose are either by authors I admire or the subject matter is of interest to me. If memory serves me correctly, this was a Kindle First choice in a month when none of the offerings were especially appealing. Next time that happens I’ll heed my first impressions and take a pass. DNF (Did Not Finish).

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