Accidentally Boring – A review of “Accidental Cowgirl” by Maggie McGill

Ever had your reading appetite whetted for nothing more than a bit of light reading? Something that would entertain you and take your mind off today’s weighty issues? That was my mindset when I opened “Accidental Cowgirl” by Maggie McGinnis (sigh). In the second sentence I’m dope-slapped with this inanity. “Eww! No! Bad car!” in response to Kyla trying to avoid hitting some roadkill. Light reading doesn’t equal idiotic dialogue so, a less than promising opening but I forged ahead. She is headed for a dude ranch to meet up with her two BFFs who’ve decided Kyla needs to get away from her troubled past, which she wears like a hair shirt. Speaking of which, Decker, the other half of our dual protagonists, takes that hair shirt thing to a whole new level. I’ll spare you a synopsis as it’s readily available and I’ve no interest in a further rehash.

Suffice it to say the angst level is astronomical, much of which is self-made and tiresome. The inevitable love interest between Kyla and Decker plays out according to plan, but the chemistry lacks sizzle. The love scenes dissolve to black way before the good stuff and re-emerge after the deeds are done (they do IT twice) or so we must surmise, but we miss all the fireworks so, who knows? There is a plot of sorts that brings in Decker’s Ma and his two brothers, which will each have his own book no doubt. And, of course Kyla’s two girlfriends are in the mix and will likely be paired up with said brothers. Ah yes, the formula is evident and none too subtle. I’m not usually such a cynic and my two and three star ratings are scarce but aside from being saccharine, this Whisper Creek novel was a bore. Even though author McGinnis obviously knows correct syntax and good sentence structure, more is needed to make a good read. Not having read any other of her works, I’m not inclined to try for Book Two. Three stars.

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