A Milquetoast Affair – A review of “Seven Nights of Sin” by Kendall Ryan

The cliffhanger ending of Book 1 of the Penthouse Affair duet packed a wallop and I impatiently waited for the rest of Dominic and Presley’s story in Book 2, “Seven Nights of Sin”. It started strong with plenty of electrifying sexual tension between them but then their problems miraculously vanished into thin air and the story fizzled at the finish. We all love and hope for a HEA but this was served with so much syrup I thought I was gonna barf. My next thought was: Lotsa’ potatoes but no meat. Where’s the beef?

I have been a strong supporter and big fan of Kendall Ryan but Book 2 of this duet is disappointing on a couple of levels. The “scandal” that wasn’t, except for the buildup that touted it but again, amounted to nada. And the “breakup” that also fizzled and had the big, bad CEO mewling like a kitten. Gah! My third disappointment was yet again, the way too short length of this novel that is more novella than a full-length book. I’ve sung this song before but it’s fallen on deaf ears so now its time to let my purse do the talking. I realize in the grand scheme of things, one fewer reader will go unnoticed but it is the consumer’s only recourse. As a retiree, my reading budget is limited so I try to spend it wisely. Three stars.

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