Blockbuster “Backlash” by Brad Thor – #19 Scott Harvath Series

“Backlash” has bumped “Full Black” out of the top spot on my list of favorite Scott Harvath escapades. It picks up the loose thread from the blockbuster ending of “Spymaster” that had Brad Thor fans in an uproar over the cliffhanger ending. No. 19 in the series, “Backlash” lets Harvath’s unrelenting fury out of its cage and on the loose, with no keeper in sight. I will spare you a synopsis which has already been done and give you my thoughts on this episode of Brad Thor’s alter-ego.

Scott winds up in the vast remote Arctic Circle which tests every survival skill he has and presents challenges his trainers never even imagined. It makes for a bone-chilling read (no pun intended) and had this reader very glad to be living in the hot, sunny south of the U.S.A. Harvath is on his own in this God-forsaken part of the world and he doesn’t have any real hope that his team even knows where he is. How he came to be here and how (or IF) he can get out of this forbidding, hostile environment is the meat of this gritty tale. It is alternately terrifying and uplifting because you can’t help but feel every minute success Harvath experiences in his battle to not just survive, but to live to exact revenge for the annihilation wrought by his enemies. Yes, no doubt about it. Scott Harvath is the epitome of an avenging angel and his wrath is fearsome.

I’m pleased to see Thor back on track with his hero by holding him up as an example of what’s good about our society versus using him as a mouthpiece about what’s wrong with our country. No we’re not perfect but we’re always striving to be better and we have Harvath to remind us that the battle for freedom is ongoing and we should never relinquish it. Five Stars.

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