Love Isn’t Always Easy – A review of “All the Way” by Kristen Probyg

As lead off for the Romancing Manhattan series, “All the Way” is definitely headed in the right direction. I’m a big fan of Kristen Proby’s novels and this one delivers! Stage actress London Watson and corporate attorney, Finn Cavanaugh are an unlikely pairing but their differences are what bring them together and keep them interesting. This is Proby at her best. Not merely a romance but an honest to goodness love story from beginning to end. No need to offer up a synopsis. That would be tantamount to reinventing the wheel. I’d rather relate what I liked and didn’t like, since that’s what a review should be.

The characters are complex and as flawed as you and I, which makes them believable. I especially enjoyed two of the minor characters, Finn’s young niece Gabby who lost her mother to cancer, and Maggie, Finn’s mother. What a hoot she is! As for the plot, the development of Finn and London’s relationship IS the plot but there’s a foreshadowing of suspense and treachery that makes for a bit of excitement. Otherwise, how the unlikely couple work through the rough spots and grow in their relationship is pretty much the focus. An added bonus for those of us who appreciate hot’n sexy love scenes; these’ll have the wallpaper peeling off in big wide strips. Phew! (Fanning myself). My only negative is the abrupt ending with little to no warning. Kinda’ like having a door slammed in your face. Wham! That ending cost a half star so, four and a half stars for “All the Way”.

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