Hot SEAL Cachet – A review of “HOT SEAL Redemption” by Lynn Raye Harris

All things Navy SEAL seem to carry a certain cachet and “HOT SEAL Redemption” opens with a bang to carry on that tradition. Only the banging is Bailey Jones banging on Alexei “Camel” Kamarov’s door to force him to take responsibility for her infant niece, Anastasia. Seems Bailey’s sister fingered him as Ana’s baby daddy before she left said baby with Bailey and took off for parts unknown. Problem is Bailey knows zero about taking care of a baby but Alexei, as the oldest of six, is an expert in childcare. Got the picture now? Good. It’s a little convoluted but not complicated and how and why Alexei came to be caught up in this baby drama is slowly revealed.

The plot isn’t new but the twist on it is and there’s some witty dialogue and well developed dual protagonists with the requisite HEA. What saves it from being just another romantic cliche is the writing. Definitely a cut above average, so kudos to author Lynn Raye Harris for this 5th book in the HOT SEAL Team series.

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