Trouble Dogs Jack Jr.

I’ve been a Tom Clancy fan going all the way back to “The Hunt for Red October” but in the years following Clancy’s demise, not so much. Mark Greany’s books missed the mark for me but I thought I’d give Mike Maden’s “Enemy Contact” a try and I’m glad I did. As with all Clancy books, the plot is complex and timely, this one involving national intelligence security with Jack Ryan Jr. as the central figure. He is doggedly determined to follow the money and figure out who’s pulling the strings on some serious geo-political goings on. Only then will he be able to resume his personal pilgrimage to Peru to fulfill a deathbed promise to an old friend. The trail takes him to eastern Europe and specifically to Poland where he meets up with another beautiful woman. But trouble again seems to find him and he’s in and out of one predicament after another.

This book started out really strong but Junior’s European trek went on overlong, almost like a travelogue and the pacing fell off dramatically. So much so that I found it easy to lay the book aside and come back to it with no real sense of urgency. Aside from that, “Enemy Contact” is still a good yarn.

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