DOMineering CEO Meets Virginal? Intern

I’m a big Kendall Ryan fan and have been looking forward to her latest book, ”The Two-Week Arrangement“. Dominic Aspen is CEO of a hotel chain and is a single dad to twin two year old girls. You might call him a “closet-dad” because few people even know about his daughters. And I should mention, in addition to CEO, Dom is also a first class jerk. Presley Harper is competing with three other recent college brainiac grads for the coveted trainee spot that will be offered to only one of them. She’s brilliant, witty, a great conversationalist and drop-dead gorgeous. And of course there’s instant sexual attraction between them but any possibility of a relationship is a big no-no. However their libidos didn’t get that message. But the attraction is too strong to overcome and the inevitable happens and then it all blows up in their faces. Aaaannnd now we have to wait till June 25th for publication of book two of the Penthouse Affair, “Seven Nights of Sin”.

I honestly didn’t notice this was a duet when I ordered book one. Had i been paying attention I probably would’ve waited till the second book was out and bought them together. Did I mention how much I dislike cliff hangers?

And while I’m complaining, $4 is a steep price for what is essentially a novella (257 pages). I’ve voiced this opinion before only to have it fall on deaf ears but I feel sure I’m not the only one complaining. But then it’s up to me to decide if I want to continue coming back for more. There are so many books and so little time and a limited reading budget. Four stars.

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