Sometimes Spinoffs are Better – A review of “Hot Under the Collar” by Roxanne St. Claire

The Dogmothers series is a natural spinoff of The Dogfather series and if Book 1, “Hot Under the Collar” is a valid measure of future success, it’s already a done deal. This blending of Irish and Greek families is headed up by Gramma Finnie, matriarch of the Irish contingent and introduces Yai Yai Agnes Santorini representing all things Greek. The mantle of Matchmaker has been passed to this unlikely duo and their first targets are our protagonists, Braden and Cassie. Firefighter Braden Mahoney and event planner Cassie (Cassandra) Santorini already have the chemistry for a sizzling romance but there are stumbling blocks they must clear out of their path to a HEA. Amid all the matchmaking hoopla are the dogs and families of Waterford Farm.

So yes, this is a romance but its a love story first and foremost. The deep and abiding love of family, the excitement and sensuality of romantic love, and the unconditional love and loyalty of our four-footed family members. Its a heartwarming tale that’s peppered with tension and conflict, and elevated with a romantic love that never turns schmaltzy. Through it all the unconditional love shines brightly with the wagging tails of Jelly Bean and Jazz, who are the real stars of this tale. Five stars.

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