Hollywood’s Heyday – A review of “Genuine Lies” by Nora Roberts

I thought I’d read every published work of Nora Roberts but a scan of the synopsis of “Genuine Lies” quickly dispelled that notion. This lengthy (530 pages) vintage Roberts was originally published in 1991 and is set in the Hollywood of the early 80’s so everyone smokes and the glitzy fashions are over the top as one would expect in the heyday of studio contract stars. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in the intrigue of that era and this story specifically.

It is essentially a story of romance and intrigue that includes multiple extramarital affairs, deep secrets, lies, deception, even murder, and the lavish lifestyles of Hollywood’s rich and famous. I had to reorient my recollections of that era and all it entailed but once I got there it was easy to roll back the calendar and just enjoy. Pure escapism!

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